Questar swivel coupling to use image erector or Starguide with 3.5" Questars

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This Questar $13071 swivel coupling is needed to use the Questar image erector or Starguide off-axis guider with 3.5" Questar scopes.

Our Product #: 13071

Product Description

This Questar #13071 swivel coupling attaches to the 1.2" Cassegrain focus at the rear of all Questar 3.5" scopes to allow a camera adapter, Starguide off-axis guider, or straight-through image erecting system to be attached to the scope via Quastar "P" threads on the opposite side of the swivel coupling. It swivels 360° and has two locking thumb screws to hold the camera adapter, Starguide, or image erector at the desired angle.

The Questar #13071 swivel coupling is supplied as standard equipment with the #1393 camera coupling set, but is available here separately for use with the Questar #6351 image erector or Starguide off-axis guider, or as a replacement for a lost or damaged camera coupling set swivel.

Shipping is free on this Questar item if it is purchased with a Questar scope that is being drop-shipped to you from the Questar factory. If this item is being purchased by itself as a special order item, a $9.95 freight charge and a 14-day or longer delivery time will apply. The $9.95 freight and a $20 Questar drop-ship charge will apply if faster delivery is required and it must be drop-shipped to you from Questar.

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