Celestron RASA 8 Camera Adapter of Canon Mirrorless Cameras

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The perfect adapter to connect your Canon Mirrorless camera to your RASA 8

Our Product #: 93406
Celestron Product #: 93406
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Product Description

Astroimagers have been flocking to the new generation mirrorless cameras.  Their compact body and sensitive chip really make them a bonafide star when paired with a telescope.  The Celestron groundbreaking 8” Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) really takes the camera and your imaging to another level. 

If you’d like to use your Canon mirrorless camera with the 8” RASA, this adapter is a must-have accessory. Using the camera’s integrated bayonet mount, it attaches securely to the front of RASA. What’s more, this adapter places the camera’s sensor at the precise backfocus distance for optimal image sharpness.

  • Connect your Canon mirrorless camera to the 8” RASA with one simple solution—no other adapters required.
  • Places the camera sensors at the proper backfocus distance for the 8” RASA for pinpoint stars across the entire field of view.
  • Uses the camera’s bayonet mount for a secure connection that won’t rotate once installed.
  • Made of machined aluminum with black anodized finish.

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