SE-M Medium height wood tripod for EM-200 equatorial mount

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The Takahashi SE-M medium height fixed-height wood tripod is designed for use with the Takahashi EM-200 equatorial mount and reflectors such as the CN-212, Epsilon 180, and short focal length refractors . . .
Our Product #: T6002
Takahashi Product #: TWT6002

Product Description

The Takahashi SE-M is a medium height fixed-height wood tripod. The substantial (24 lb.) tripod is designed for use with the Takahashi EM-200 equatorial mount only. The tripod legs clamp to three mounting posts that are part of the die-cast EM-200 adapter supplied with the tripod. A single-lever Shimano-type quick release (similar to the type used to lock front wheels of racing bicycles in place) locks each leg firmly to the adapter. A single large hand-tighten knob projects up through the adapter to connect the EM-200 mount to the tripod.

The distance from the ground to the top of the tripod is 37", which puts the base of the EM-200 dec assembly 48.4" above ground level. Its height makes it well suited for observing from a seated position with shorter focal length refractors, as well as with reflectors such as the CN-212 and the Epsilon 180 astrograph.

The assembled tripod is very solid and stable, able to support with ease the EM-200 mount and any payload it might be carrying. The tripod's wood legs have excellent vibration damping characteristics. The result is that your images remain steady and vibration-free, even at high magnifications, making for a more enjoyable observing experience.

The legs are tipped with pointed metal feet, designed to sink into grass or dirt for a solid footing for your scope. A metal peg is cast into each tripod foot so you can apply pressure with your own foot to anchor the scope firmly in the ground. If you set up the mount on a hard surface, such as a deck or driveway, a set of vibration damping pads would be a useful addition.

The supplied aluminum accessory tray helps lock the legs firmly open. It bolts firmly to die-cast plates on the inside of the tripod legs, eliminating the possibility of play in the tripod/tray assembly. A low lip on the tray keeps small items from rolling off the tray in the dark. There is a hook molded into the top of one of the legs to hold your EM-200 hand control and keep it close at hand.

Tech Details

Weight 24 lbs.
Warranty 5 years


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