Shielded NGF-S non-vignetting large format visual back adapter | Meade 16" LX200 Cats

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This shielded JMI adapter avoids vignetting photographic images when using a JMI NGF-S focuser with Meade 16" catadioptric telescopes . . .
Our Product #: 2499-16S
JMI Product #: ADPT4SCTL

Product Description

This adapter is designed to avoid vignetting the photographic image when using a JMI NGF-S focuser with Meade 16" catadioptric telescopes. This large aperture adapter attaches to the rear cell threads of the scope (replacing its standard 2" step-down ring) to provide unvignetted 35mm and medium format photography.

The NGF-S focuser attaches to the adapter in the same way it would attach to the smaller diameter 2" rear cell step-down ring supplied with the scope. CCD imaging does not require this adapter, as CCD chips are smaller than the standard 2" SCT rear cell and cannot be vignetted, as can the larger 35mm and medium format film negatives.

A light shield on the adapter prevents stray light from entering the focuser bearing cavity of the NGF-S focuser when imaging from heavily light polluted areas.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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