Slip-fit adapter to use non-Questar eyepieces in older Questar 3.5" scopes

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This slip-fit adapter allows you to use smooth barrel non-Questar eyepieces in older Questar telescopes designed only to use threaded barrel Questar eyepieces . . .
Our Product #: 2740
TeleVue Product #: AQE-0005

Product Description

This machined aluminum adapter replaces the eyepiece holder tube on an older Questar telescope to allow you to use non-Questar eyepieces in your scope. Older Questar scopes only allow the use of thread-in Questar/Vernonscope Brandon eyepieces. There is no thumbscrew in the eyepiece holder tube of older scopes to hold smooth barrel non-Questar eyepieces in place. Current Questar scopes have an eyepiece holder similar to this piece. This unit can be used to replace a damaged current thumbscrew eyepiece holder as well as upgrade an older no-thumbscrew scope to the current design.

This adapter allows the use of smooth barrel non-Questar eyepieces, as well as threaded barrel Brandon eyepieces. In addition to a thumbscrew to hold eyepieces in place, it has the same rotating diopter adjustment as older and current Questar scopes that allows the eyepiece and finderscope to be made parfocal.

To install the adapter, the older non-thumbscrew tube is simply unthreaded from the scope body by grasping the tube body (not the black knurled rotating ring at the top of the tube) and the new adapter threaded into the scope in its place.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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