Starlite Mini Compact variable brightness red LED astronomer's flashlight


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The compact Starlite Mini variable brightness red LED flashlight lets you read star charts and operate your telescope without affecting your dark-adapted vision . . .
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Product Description

The compact 3.5" long Starlite Mini variable brightness flashlight uses two red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to help you read star charts and operate your telescope without affecting your dark-adapted vision. A knurled wheel set into the top of the body acts as both a continuously variable brightness control and the on-off switch.

Turned to maximum brightness, the light is bright enough to locate missing items in the grass and take down your telescope after an observing session. Maximum brightness will affect your dark-adapted vision if observed directly, so use this setting sparingly when you're observing. The Starlite Mini is designed to turn on at its lowest level so you can't accidentally affect your dark-adapted vision by having too bright a level when switching on. Medium brightness levels illuminate a star chart without affecting your dark-adapted vision. Turned nearly all the way down, the light is just bright enough to let you read your watch, the focal length on an eyepiece, or the Wratten number on an eyepiece color filter.

The light is powered by a single 9-Volt transistor radio battery (supplied) that will last for dozens of hours (with the exact length of time depending on the brightness level used). When replacing the battery, an alkaline or lithium battery will give the longest life. An 18" long braided cord lanyard is supplied that lets you hang the light close at hand around your neck when it's not in use. The body is not water-resistant, so be careful you don't put the light down in dew-soaked grass, snow, or a puddle in the darkness.

Tech Details

Weight 3 oz.
Warranty 5 years


Review by:
Nice variable brightness, size, and convenient lanyard, but there are two serious flaws with this;

First of all, the battery compartment pops open way too easily and after a few uses, it wouldn't stay shut at all and now has to be held together with electrical tape.

Secondly, some sort of diffuser in front of the LEDs would be appreciated to provide more even lighting. I put a piece of plastic cut out of a milk jug into the window because otherwise the light was too uneven to read charts by when kept at low levels. (Posted on 7/24/2019)
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