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Below cost new closeout. This extraordinary hardbound guide will help you find and observe 344 of the sky's finest deep sky objects . . .
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This extraordinary hardbound guide is a great way for the beginning observer to find and observe 344 of the sky's finest deep sky objects. Compiled by David Eicher, associate editor of Astronomy magazine, from observing articles that have appeared in the pages of Astronomy. Virtually every one of the 200 hardbound 8" x 10.5" pages is full of stunning visual images and useful information - 113 color photos, 121 black and white or duotone photos, 20 eyepiece sketches, 83 locating maps or diagrams, and 30 charts with information on the displayed objects in tabular form - positions, magnitudes, sizes, etc. Each of the 36 articles is written by a noted amateur astronomer and includes observing techniques, his eyepiece impressions of what he sees when observing the various objects, what you can expect to expect to see in scopes of varying apertures, and more. Covers observing Orion, the Helix Nebula, the Horsehead Nebula, the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, globular clusters in Andromeda, legendary faint galaxies, and much more. We bought 1000 of them and got them at a special low price that allows us to sell them for almost $8 below regular dealer cost.

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