Super Reducer for Takahashi TOA-150 refractor

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This large format focal reducer is designed for DSLR, 35mm film, large format CCD, and medium format film astrophotography with the Takahashi 4" focuser TOA-150 refractor . . .
Our Product #: TAK150RE
Takahashi Product #: TOASD150

Product Description

This super focal reducer is designed specifically for medium format (6x7) photography with the 4" focuser Takahashi TOA-150 refractor, but can also be used with DSLR, 35mm film, and 35mm and larger CCD imaging chips. It has female threads that attach to the male threads of the 4" focuser drawtube. The back end of the reducer has male threads that duplicate the focuser drawtube threads for attaching accessories.

The fully multicoated optics of the reducer cuts the focal length and focal ratio of the TOA-150 to 860mm and f/5.73. This produces a 65mm diameter 4.33° flat field image circle. This image circle is larger than the 44mm diagonal of a 35mm film negative or a 35mm-size CCD chip. This yields fully unvignetted photographic images with pinpoint stars to the very edges of the frame with these cameras. There will be some vignetting at the top and bottom of a medium format 6x7 film negative.

The finely machined black-finished metal cell of the reducer is supplied with thread-on/thread-in metal covers to protect its attachment threads.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


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