Tele Vue T-Ring adapter for 1.25" Powermates


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This threaded adapter ring replaces the eyepiece holder on the 1.25" 2.5x and 5x TeleVue Powermate Barlows to allow direct connection of a camera T-ring for photography.
Our Product #: 81PMT
TeleVue Product #: PTR-1250

Product Description

This threaded adapter ring replaces the eyepiece holder on the 1.25" 2.5x and 5x TeleVue Powermate Barlows. It can only be used with those newer versions of the Powermate designed to accept it (our part #7625T and #7650T).

After unscrewing the black 1.25" eyepiece holder from the chrome barrel containing the optics of the Powermate, the adapter threads directly onto the chrome barrel in place of the eyepiece holder. The adapter has T-threads that allow a T-ring to be attached to the adapter so you can connect your DSLR camera body directly to the Powermate optics for photography. 

This adapter is particularly well suited for photography with short focal length refractors capable of using 1.25" visual accessories, such as most of those from TeleVue. It provides intermediate magnifications for terrestrial and lunar photography, etc. - bright subjects that need more magnification than prime focus can provide, but not as much as that normally provided by eyepiece projection photography. 

A CCD imager can be attached directly to the adapter after removing the imager's 1.25" nosepiece to expose the imager's female T-threads. The magnification varies (compared with prime focus photography) depending on which Powermate is used and the spacing between the top surface of the Powermate optics and the imaging surface (the DSLR or CCD's chip). 

With the 2.5x Powermate, the magnification will decrease linearly from 2.5x at a 1mm spacing to 2.2x at a 100mm spacing. With the 5x Powermate, the magnification will increase linearly from 5x at 1mm to 7.75x at 100mm. Exposure times will likewise increase considerably. The exact amount will depend on the magnification gain. With the bright subjects this type of photography is suited for, such an increase in exposure time is normally of little concern.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


Review by:
I love the quality of the TeleVue PowerMates, and this adapter allows me to create a rock-solid connection to my planetary imaging camera. (Posted on 10/18/2018)
Review by:
Especially useful when you are using a powermate with an atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC) and a planetary camera. Keeps everything together and aligned. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
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