Tele Vue TAC-1003 Air Chair


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Your telescope can stand for hours, but you'll be more comfortable if you spend your observing hours sitting. You'll spend more time lingering at the eyepiece when comfortably seated on the TeleVue Air-Chair's soft and rotating seat . . .
Our Product #: 4595
TeleVue Product #: TAC-1003

Product Description

The more time you can spend at your scope without getting a back ache from standing bent over the eyepiece, the more detail you'll see and the better your back will feel when you get out of bed the next morning. An observing chair lets you sit at your eyepiece in comfort - with no bending, no stooping, no aches and pains. This TeleVue Air Chair observing chair keeps you off your feet, with an unbent back, eliminating those unpleasant effects.

The Air Chair's vinyl covered seat rotates and is cushioned with foam for comfort. The chair has a pneumatic piston that raises and lowers the seat at the touch of a lever. The height of the seat is adjustable from 21" to 28" to put virtually any observer's eye at the right position for observing with an unbent back through refractor or catadioptric scope eyepiece. The chair's chromed steel double strut legs are tipped with non-marring rubber feet to allow its use on deck or patio. The legs fold and the seat lifts off the pneumatic center post for easy transport. The chair weighs only 10 pounds, so it's not a burden to take out into the field. All hardware is stainless steel to assure a lifetime of service.

The Air Chair will take a load off your feet and make observing more enjoyable for longer periods of time. It's an observing accessory that doesn't help you to see more. But it does help you to see in more comfort.

Tech Details

Weight 10 lbs.
Warranty 5 years


Review by:
I could not say enough good things about this observing chair. It's durable, and has a great cushion with an air piston, which is activated by pulling a lever to adjust the cushion height. Legs fold along the sides of the center rod for easy transport, and it can be further broken down by undoing four hand knobs and detaching the cushion for when you are packing a full trunk of gear and space is at a premium (done that.) The design is similar to a quality drummer's throne (as is the cost), but the tripod leg layout allows Air Chair to stand firmly on uneven surfaces, wheres a four legged drummers throne would wobble and rock. This chair does not have the range like some of the sliding ramp / ladder type chairs do (which can allow you to sit inches off the ground or way up in the clouds due to the nature of their design), but it is also a fraction of their size / weight, and can be carried with one hand. It may not work as well for those with very long refractors, especially long heavy triplets which put most of the scope length to be on the back side of the rings for balance and thus require a very wide range of height adjustments. However, for use in short and moderate length scopes it works great, and the convenience for grab and go observing is unmatched. (Posted on 10/18/2018)
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