Takahashi 110/220VAC To 12VDC 12 amp power supply

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This 110/240VAC to 12VDC power supply for a Takahashi German equatorial mount replaces the flashlight battery pack that is normally used to power the mount's motor drives in the field . . .
Our Product #: TPS0012
Takahashi Product #: TPS0012

Product Description

This AC power supply is designed for use with Takahashi German equatorial mounts only. It replaces the flashlight battery pack supplied with the mounts that is normally used to power the motor drives in the field. It is recommended that this power supply be used in home observatory situations, or anywhere AC power is available. The power supply not only conserves battery life (saving considerable money over the years that would normally be spent to replace worn-out batteries), but it provides higher torque drive operation that doesn't fall off as batteries become depleted or as the scope payload increases.

The power supply comes in a hard Pelican carrying case for storage. The power supply module is fastened to the interior of the case with Velcro so that it can be removed to set the AC voltage input as needed. A slide switch inside the power supply's metal cage lets you set it for use with either 110V or 220V AC power. The power supply connects to an AC outlet through a 6' power cord terminated by a standard two-prong AC plug. A 5' cable terminated by a 5.5mm male plug connects to the DC input on the telescope mount to power the scope. The output of the power supply is 12VDC. The exact amperage depends on the draw of the mount being used, but the power supply's maximum output of 12 amps is sufficient to operate any of the Takahashi EM and NJP series mounts.

Takahashi equatorial mounts are dual voltage systems, capable of being powered by either 12VDC or 24VDC. When used at 24VDC, the mounts slew at over twice the speed they do with a 12VDC input. The EM-11, for example, slews at 120x sidereal with a 12VDC input, but at 250X sidereal with a 24VDC power supply. The EM-200 slews at 300x with a 12VDC input, but at 700x with a 24VDC input, and so forth. This 12VDC system is designed for observers with standard tracking mounts who prefer to find celestial objects on their own, and observe them at a leisurely pace. Those observers with a go-to TEMMA computer on their mount may prefer the faster slewing provided by the 24VDC version (#TPS0024), which will shorten the time the scope spends slewing between widely-spaced targets.

The 12VDC power supply in its 9.25" x 7.5" x 4" hard case weighs 3 lbs. 4 oz. The lid of the carrying case should be left open 2" during use for ventilation. While the color of the Pelican carrying case may vary from that shown in the images, there is no color choice option available. The carrying case is waterproof. However, the case and power supply should not be placed in water or allowed to become wet during use, as a serious shock hazard could exist in such a situation.

Tech Details

Weight 3 lbs. 4 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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