Takahashi 5.7mm 1.25" 90° Ultra Wide/Flat Field

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The high power Takahashi 5.7mm Ultra Wide/Flat Field 1.25" eyepiece has a remarkably flat field, free of coma and spherical aberrations, with pin point stars across its ultra-wide 90° apparent field of view . . .
Our Product #: TAKUW05
Takahashi Product #: TEA0057

Product Description

The Takahashi 5.7mm Ultra Wide/Flat Field 1.25" eyepiece is a new and original ten lens/six group optical design with an ultra-wide 90° apparent field of view. The field is exceptionally flat, with pin point stars across the entire 90° field. This aplanatic eyepiece is designed to be free from coma and spherical aberrations.

This Takahashi eyepiece was designed for high power use with flat field telescopes. Such scopes include the Takahashi FSQ refractors, Takahashi Corrected Mewlons and Mewlons with separate MCR correctors, Takahashi FS-60Q and TOA refractors with field flatteners, and all other brands of flat field telescopes (whether the flat field is produced by a scope alone or a scope/field flattener combination).

This new design Takahashi eyepiece has a usable 12mm eye relief and a twist-up eyecup to shield your eye from stray light. Viewing with glasses is only necessary if there is astigmatism present in the observer's vision. Otherwise, the observer can view without glasses and still enjoy an ultra wide field of view.

All internal surfaces are painted with optical flat black paint to prevent ghost images and to insure the greatest possible contrast. A rubber grip ring around the barrel provides a sure grip in cold or damp weather.

The Takahashi 5.7mm Ultra Wide/Flat Field eyepiece is somewhat substantial in size and weight, although it compares favorably with similar eyepieces from other manufacturers. It has a 60mm maximum barrel diameter (2.36") and a 130mm length (5.1"), with a weight of 15.8 ounces.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 12mm
Field of view 90
Focal Length 5.7mm
Number of optical elements 10 lenses/6 groups
Weight 15.8 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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