Takahashi FOA-60Q Ortho Apochromatic Refractor


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The included 1.7x extender takes the FOA-60 to another level, as well as letter.  This combination is referred to as the FOA-60Q.  You will simply call it a joy to use.

Our Product #: TFA06100
Takahashi Product #: TFA06100
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Product Description

The FOA-60 is a new compact apochromatic fluorite doublet refractor from Takahashi. The telescope features a 60 mm aperture and a 530 mm focal length. This is the "Q" version, so it comes standardard with the 1.7X extender.  The extender increases the focal length to 901 mm. The real beauty of this system is the availablity to make changes on the go as the scope is really two scopes in one.  

Without extender the scope is 530mm f/8.8

With 1.7x extender the scope is 901mm f/15

The spacing of the doublet elements is such that the correction of the spherical abberations is similar to that found in the much larger TOA series. This innovative design results in a Strehl ratio in excess of 96% for the base unit and over 99% with the extender.

Compact design for relatively long focal length, making it ideal for transport
Outstanding visual and photographic performance, providing a 44 mm diameter image circle for full frame imaging

Tech Details

Aperture 60mm
Focal Length 530mm and 901mm
Focal Ratio f/8.8 and f/15
Heaviest Single Component 6.6 pounds
Weight 6.6 pounds


Review by:
I use this scope often because it is very portable. I typically use the extender portion only for viewing planets. Not great for viewing other objects because it is fairly dim with the extender since the objective is only 60 mm. (Posted on 10/24/2019)
Review by:
My big scope is a Mewlon 250, and sad to say it's only been out of the huge storage boxes a half dozen times in the 10 years I've owned it. I also have an FOA-60Q, which lives on a little Sky Patrol mount, that stays set up in the living room. It's pretty as a room decoration, doesn't take up a lot of room, and is grab and go to the back yard for quick views of Jupiter or Saturn, when it's that time of year. I love this little scope, and it gets used at least once a month. The value of a scope is in whether you use it. You'll use this one. (Posted on 10/4/2019)
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