Takahashi Starbase 18mm 1.25" Ortho Eyepiece


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Orthoscopic eyepieces have been a gem of astronomy for decades.  See what the fuss is all about with the Takahashi Starbase series.

Our Product #: SBP08050
Takahashi Product #: SBP08050
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Product Description

Orthoscopics have been a hidden gem in the astronomy field.  While their field of view isn't as wow factor as the newer 82° or 100°, their field of view is 45°, well made Orthos shine when it comes to sharpness and contrast.  The 4 element design requires a great polish to work at its highest capabilities.  That being said, one would expect nothing less from the fabled Takahashi name.  It should come as no surprise that the eyepiece has very low distortion as well as a reasonable amount of eye relief (13mm).  The real surprise is that Takahashi brought out an Ortho that is so reasonably priced.  Their new Starbase series will fit right at home in your eyepiece collection, and your bank account will approve as well.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 13mm
Field of view 45°
Focal Length 18mm
Number of optical elements 4
Weight 2.9 ounces


Review by:
I've noticed this 18mm Tak has become my most used EP especially on my 102 and 127 Maksutov Cassegrain telescopes. More expensive EPs may have very wide fov, but they do not have a clearer nor brighter view, not by a long shot. With less glass the Takahashi Starbase eyepieces are quite bright. Negative chromatic distortion with a 2.5x Barlow at 167x in my 127 Celestron Maksutov with 1500 focal length and it made Venus so bright I had to put in a polarizing filter at 40% transmission to tone it down, but what a view! Venus was at least at 50% in its phase. I have other Ortho EPs and some show some chromatic aberration, but so far none with these Starbase Taks. They are really very well put together eyepieces and I have several focal lengths, but the 18mm is my favorite. Says it is 45 degrees fov, but it seems larger to me, but maybe that's because it is so clear from edge to edge it seems larger. In my 80mm ED Apo refractor it is so good it sometimes feels like being in space itself. It is a shame everyone seems to be out of stock and I cannot find the ones I'm missing to finish out my collection. (Posted on 4/29/2023)
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