Tele Vue TV60 60 degree Accessory Package

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Some of the best accessories you would want for your TV-60 at a discounted price
Our Product #: TVP6012
TeleVue Product #: TVP-6012

Product Description

The TVP-6012: TV-60 60° Accessory package cosists of:

QBT-1006: Qwik-Point Basic

DPC-6012: 1¼” 60º Everbrite - This unique 60° viewing angle 1.25" diagonal allows more comfortable extended viewing of objects near the ecliptic (the Moon and planets, among others), as well as more comfortable terrestrial observing. There's less bending of the neck involved when observing these objects, leading to less strain and fewer cricks in the neck and shoulders.

In addition, the diagonal uses Everbrite dielectric coatings on its first-surface mirror for an astonishing 99% reflectivity. In addition to higher reflectivity than a conventional aluminum or silver coated diagonal, the Everbrite coatings also provide higher contrast and resolution during critical observations of subtle low-contrast lunar and planetary details.

The mirror housing is precision-machined from a single block of solid aluminum, rather than simply a flimsy plastic housing or sheet metal stamping, as with lesser imported diagonals. A solid metal backplate over 4/10ths of an inch thick holds the mirror in perfect optical alignment. Both focuser and eyepiece barrels are antireflection threaded internally for higher contrast. The 1.25" barrel that fits into the focuser or visual back is also threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters. A groove cut into the outside of the barrel acts as a safety stop to keep the diagonal from falling should the scope's visual back or eyepiece holder thumbscrew loosen slightly from cold or use. The 1.25" eyepiece barrel uses a non-marring soft brass compression ring to hold eyepieces in place, rather than a thumbscrew that contacts the eyepiece barrel directly.

This is an absolutely premium 1.25" diagonal that will give you all the visual performance your scope is capable of delivering. It works with virtually any Schmidt-Cassegrain, Maksutov-Cassegrain, or refractor that uses a 1.25" star diagonal. It's a worthy and visible upgrade for the lunar, planetary, or terrestrial observer.

TVB-2403: TV-60 Carry Bag - The Televue TV-60 carry case is perfect for the observer on the go. The dependable Cordura Nylon case is lined with foam to help keep your optics safe from everyday bumps and bruises. In keeping with the theme of the TV-60 (portable and functional) the carry case is up to the task with room for the TV-60, a diagonal, and up to three eyepieces. The TV-60 carry case proves to be a worthy upgrade over the standard supplied carry bag that provides little protection from anything other then dust.

EAP-25.0: 25.0 Plössl - This is a very good medium to low power (depending on the focal length of your telescope) eyepiece for lunar observing, viewing emission and reflection nebulas in their entirety, etc. It has a rubber grip ring for comfort in cold weather. It provides a big 5.55mm exit pupil with an f/4.5 Dobsonian reflector for rich field scanning of the Milky Way star clouds in Sagittarius from a dark sky site.

An excellent choice to replace the so-so 26mm eyepiece that comes with many moderately-priced scopes. The 25mm TeleVue Plössl was top-rated in a recent test report of 31 eyepieces in Sky & Telescope magazine as being the best in its focal length.

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Warranty 5 years


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