Telegizmos 365 Series Cover for vertically-parked 12" to 12" Dobsonians

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You can leave your vertically-parked 12" to 14" Dobsonian outdoors 24 hours a day every day of the year by using this TeleGizmos weatherproof protective cover.
Our Product #: T33D
TeleGizmos Product #: T33D

Product Description

This TeleGizmos T33D 365 Series telescope cover uses dual layer construction that's designed to meet the most demanding equipment coverage needs for your vertically-parked 12" to 14" aperture Dobsonian telescope - including 24 hour a day/7 day a week/365 day a year outside exposure. It also provides an extra measure of often-needed environmental protection for a scope mounted in a dome or roll-off roof observatory building.

The T33D has a height of 78", with a 94" circumference opening at the bottom. It fits 12" to 14" Dobsonian telescopes with ground board diameters of up to 29" when the optical tube is parked in a vertical position, as shown in the photo. 

A heavy-duty drawstring sewn into the bottom of the cover cinches tight under the telescope base to hold the cover in place in windy conditions. Two spring clamps with plastic tips are provided for additional custom fitting of the cover around your particular scope model. In addition, a lasso-type bungee cord with an adjustable slide barrel lock is provided for additional securing of the cover at midscope.

Tech Details

Weight 6 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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