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  1. Celestron PowerSeeker 114 EQ 4.5" Equatorial reflector


    The Celestron PowerSeeker 114 equatorial reflector proves that you don't have to pay a big scope price to get a big scope's performance. It is a remarkably economical introduction to serious deep space astronomy for the beginning backyard observer.

  2. Celestron 4.7" Omni XLT 120 Equatorial refractor with Starbright XLT optical multicoatings

    This Celestron Omni XLT 120 refractor puts large 4.7" aperture fully Starbright XLT multicoated achromatic optics on a solid German equatorial mount. The result is an excellent mix of performance, portability, and features at a price that's surprisingly low for a scope of this aperture . . .
  3. Takahashi TSA-120 4.7" F/7.5 Ortho-Apochromat triplet refractor OTA

    This Takahashi TSA-120 4.72" ED triplet refractor puts true-color "super apochromat" optical excellence in a portable 15.4 lb. package . . .
  4. Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 127mm f/11.8 Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tube


    The Sky-Watcher 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain folded optical system is a compact optical powerhouse capable of producing sharp, high contrast images inside the solar system and out.

  5. Unistellar eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope With Backpack

    The eQuinox 2 is an innovative smart telescope that brings the wonders of space within reach, even in brightly lit urban areas.
  6. Celestron NexStar 5 SE 5" Go-to SCT


    Many people consider the original 5" Celestron SCT to be the finest affordable personal scope ever made. The NexStar 5 SE combines legendary 5" Celestron optics with 21st century computerized go-to technology at a most affordable price.

  7. Celestron 114 LCM 114mm f/9 go-to altazimuth Newtonian reflector

    The Celestron 114LCM is a good-sized battery-operated fully computerized go-to scope at a good low price that is a super introduction to serious deep space star-gazing for the beginning backyard observer . . .
  8. Astro-Tech AT115EDT f/7 ED Triplet Refractor OTA

    Regular Price: $1,399.00

    Special Price $1,149.00

    The Astro-Tech AT115EDT 4.53" f/7 ED triplet apochromatic  refractor offers more performance and features than similarly-priced smaller aperture competitive refractors, and a markedly lower price than competitive scopes with the same aperture. All in all, an exceptional value.
  9. Explore Scientific 127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fiber FCD100 ED Triplet Refractor

    This big 127mm (5") Explore Scientific Carbon Fiber air-spaced ED triplet apochromatic refractor is loaded with quality optical performance at a surprisingly reasonable price for a scope of its size and optical quality . . .
  10. Astro-Tech AT125EDL Refractor OTA FCD-100 and Lanthanum f/7.8 Doublet with Hard Case

    Regular Price: $1,849.00

    Special Price $1,664.10

    The Astro-Tech AT125EDL takes the performance of the it smaller siblings and combines it with the mechanics of the EDT line.
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