TeleVue 13mm DeLite™ 62° 1.25" eyepiece EDE-13.0


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The TeleVue 13mm DeLite eyepiece is a lighter, more compact, less expensive, 62° field/20mm eye relief version of the famed TeleVue Delos eyepieces, and the natural extension of the Ethos family tree.
Our Product #: TDL13
TeleVue Product #: EDE-13.0
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Product Description

Paul Dellechiaie of TeleVue created the 100° field Ethos eyepieces in 2007, the 72° field Delos eyepieces in 2011, and now the 62° field TeleVue DeLite eyepieces - smaller, lighter, and less expensive versions of the Delos. The family line of premium eyepieces continues . . . from Ethos to Delos to DeLite to your scope.

The compact 13mm TeleVue DeLite eyepiece weighs only 7.8 ounces, making it ideal for binoviewing. It has a generous 20mm of eye relief, so eyeglass wearers can see the full field, even when wearing glasses. For those with astigmatism, this 13mm TeleVue DeLite can use the optional TeleVue Dioptix astigmatism correcting lens. 

The unique locking eyeguard, with soft rubber roll-down eyecup, slides up and down the eyepiece barrel to let you choose the most comfortable viewing position for your eye.  The DeLite is parfocal with 1.25" TeleVue Plossl, Panoptic, Nagler, and Delo eyepieces.

A reviewer in Sky & Telescope said, ". . . the DeLites offered superb views. Stars appeared as pinpoints across the entire field; there wasn't a hint of false color around even the brightest stars; and there was only a touch of pincushion distortion, meaning that round objects won't stretch into ovals as you sweep them across the field. Daytime views were contrasty and without a trace of color fringes even at the borders of high-contrast objects such as power lines seen against a bright sky. 

"These are the features everyone looks for in a quality eyepiece, but the DeLites offered something more . . . The DeLites are very easy to look through. You never get the feeling that you are struggling to get your eye perfectly aligned with the eyepiece." 

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 20mm
Field of view 62
Focal Length 13mm
Weight 7.8 oz


Review by:
First the eyepiece. I've found over the last few years that for me, the Delite line from Tele Vue hits a sweet spot. They have generous eye relief, good AFOV and excellent sharpness in a handy form factor. I got the 13 for use in my longer fl scopes and have not been disappointed. Highly recommended product.
Secondly, the order process. I used Paypal for this order and the transaction was smooth and flawless. Kudos to Astronomics. (Posted on 10/6/2019)
Review by:
Just as it says "on the box" (i.e. in the product description): much lighter and more compact than other wide FOV eyepieces. Which means I'll actually be able to use it more often without having to worry about questions about how much I spent on it. ;)

Should make it easier for my kids to enjoy higher magnification views as well, which is a big reason behind my purchase.

Overall, very happy with it! (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Review by:
I was needing a focal length to slot between existing eyepieces and thought I'd try out the new DeLite line.
After using Radians for many years I wondered if this was just going to be a redo Radian. Yes, they look similar but I can say that this is NOT a Radian and does exceed that venerable line in performance. I believe contrast is slightly better and there is NO lateral color. You could always see a fringe on Luna and the bright planets toward the edge of the FOV in the Radian. None here. The DeLite is easy to look through. No pupil guides. No black outs moving your eye side to side. And, I think the twist and lock system for setting eye relief is superior to the sliding click stops. This is a great 1.25" eyepiece. (Posted on 1/13/2019)
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