TeleVue Bino Vue BVP-2003

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Let TeleVue expand your mind with 3D like images only a BinoViewer can provide.
Our Product #: BVP-2003
TeleVue Product #: BVP-2003

Product Description

The TeleVue BinoVue has been placed in, "...a league of its own among binocular viewers...." according to Astronomy Magazine's review.

This particular model does not come with the image amplifier, though it can be added at a later date if you desire.

It is generally suggested to use with scopes that have an f/10 focal ratio or slower.  So it is extremely well suited for SCTs and the like.

The BinoVue comes standard with a 1.25" nosepiece that will fit directly into reflector focusers and star diagonals as long as they are native 1.25" or have a 1.25" adapter of some sort.

As with any binoviewer you will need two eyepieces of matching focal lengths.  It is also best practice to use the same manufacturer and model.  So don't try to mix a TeleVue Nagler 12mm and a Meade 12.4 Super Plossl.  It will not be the most pleasing experience.  The most popular set of eyepieces we sell for the BinoVue are the 19mm Panoptics.  

The BinoVue uses compression ring adapters in the eyepiece holders to keep your eyepiece safe and secure.

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