Telrad 4" Riser base for Telrad finder


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This Telrad riser base raises the Telrad finder 4" above the side of your scope's optical tube for more comfortable viewing . . .
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Product Description

The Telrad 4" riser base is a platform that fits between the base and body of your Telrad non-magnifying finder to raise the Telrad 4" above the side of your scope's optical tube. This is particularly handy with reflectors and refractors, as it gives you more clearance between the side of your face and the optical tube for more comfortable viewing, but makes Telrad use with a catadioptric scope more comfortable, as well. The center of the Telrad reticle pattern is normally approximately 4" above the side of your optical tube. This riser increases that spacing to 8".

Tech Details

Weight 5 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I recently added a Telrad to my Dob. Works Great, but I wanted a little better viewing angle, so I picked up this 4" extension. Seems to bring the Telrad into a more comfortable position for use. (Posted on 11/1/2019)
Review by:
We have several Telrad finders for our scopes, and my tall husband needs the risers to use the Telrad comfortably. Sometimes, using a Telrad with a Dobsonian scope involves unusual body contortions. Highly recommended if you have a shorter tube Dobsonian. (Posted on 12/5/2018)
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