Thousand Oaks SolarLite 9.25" Solar Filter For Celestron 9.25" SCT S-10750


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This white light solar filter is designed to work with the Celestron 9.25" SCT.
Our Product #: S10750
Thousand Oaks Product #: S-10750

Product Description

After years of R & D Thousand Oaks has developed a new solar film that has the optical quality of the glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer (Thousand Oaks Optical Black Polymer). Solarlite will never develop pin holes or scratches that can let in light and ruin a filter. Other advantages: Light weight and does not require re-balancing tube assembly, will not break, consistent yellow-orange solar image, even density with any aperture, flat surface compared to other thin film filters that have wrinkles and creases. Will not tear or puncture. The Solarlite is stronger than any other solar film on the market.

Always remember to install the solar filter before pointing your telescope at the Sun to avoid instant and irreversible damage to your eyesight.

Clear Aperture:  228mm/9.00"

Outer Cell ID:  273mm/10.75" 

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Are you really going to put this white light film filter on your 9" or SCT? Come on, man, use that money to buy a little PST solar scope instead. A white light image of the Sun will get pretty boring for you pretty quickly.

I teach college students and we have an 8" scope with a film filter and a tiny little refractor PST. Students take one look at this view and are unimpressed. They then give a 'WOW!' or a 'Whoa man!' with the dinky PST. Being able to see the true surface of the Sun with flares tops any fine detail a larger aperture white filter can give. (Posted on 1/2/2019)
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