Variable polarizer for imaging with 3.5" and 7" Questars

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This Questar variable polarizing assembly allows you to control the effective f/stop of a Questar telescope during terrestrial and lunar prime focus imaging.
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Questar Product #: 19276

Product Description

Unlike a camera lens, a Questar telescope has a fixed focal ratio. This Questar variable polarizing assembly allows you to vary the light transmission of a Questar telescope (similar to the effect of the variable iris in a camera lens) to permit terrestrial and lunar prime focus imaging under a variety of lighting conditions.

The Questar variable polarizing assembly consists of an adapter body containing two 30% transmission polarizing filters. One filter is fixed in position, while a lever in the side of the assembly allows the second filter to be rotated to provide variable glare reduction with a light transmission range of 5% to 30%.

The assembly includes a #13071 swivel coupling at one end that threads into the Cassegrain focus at the rear of your Questar scope. A T-thread adapter at the opposite end of the assembly lets you connect your 35mm or DSLR camera body to the assembly using an o0ptional T-ring. You can also connect a CCD camera body using the T-thread opening in the front plate of most CCD cameras.

Shipping is free on this Questar item if it is purchased with a Questar scope that is being drop-shipped to you from the Questar factory. If this item is being purchased by itself as a special order item, a $12.95 freight charge and a 14-day or longer delivery time will apply. The $12.95 freight and a $20 Questar drop-ship charge will apply if faster delivery is required and it must be drop-shipped to you from Questar.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Warranty 1 year


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