Vernonscope 24mm Brandon "flat top"


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The 24mm Vernonscope Brandon "flat top" eyepiece is designed for unsurpassed medium power high contrast deep space observing, particularly with telescopes having a focal ratio of f/7 and above . . .
Our Product #: VBFT24

Product Description

The 24mm Vernonscope Brandon "flat top" eyepiece is designed for nigh-perfect medium power deep sky observing with any telescope type, at focal ratios f/7 and above. Emission nebulas, globular clusters, the more compact open clusters - all are fair game for the tack-sharp high contrast/dark sky background performance of the 24mm Brandon. With shorter focal length scopes, down to f/4, it is still exceptionally sharp at the center of the field (although less so at the edges).

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 19mm
Field of view 53
Focal Length 24mm
Number of optical elements 4
Weight 4 oz.
Warranty Limited Lifetime


Review by:
The 24mm Brandon is an outstanding eyepiece. It provides a very natural, clean sky background and a very comfortable eye relief for use with glasses. There are no blackout issues with this eyepiece and I have found it works very well with a 3x barlow providing excellent higher magnification lunar/planetary views. At native FL it excels at open clusters and nebula providing a very black, high contrast sky background with pinpoint sharp stars in the central field. The summer Milky Way and M24 starcloud are just incredible in this eyepiece with dark nebula standing out sharply against the stellar background. It does suffer from some astigmatism in the outer field but in my f/7.5 APO it is certainly sharp close enough to the edge to be fine for my tastes. In any refractor that is f/10 or longer focal ratio this eyepiece is amazing. (Posted on 12/2/2018)
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