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Control your ZWO camera (and supported ZWO accessories) as well as your goto mount. Astro-photography has never been easier. Check out the 3rd edition Smart Wifi Controller, the ASIAIR Plus

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Product Description

This is the wireless solution that imagers have been asking for.  Now with 256GB

The ASIAIR Plus takes all the game changing technology of the ASIAIR PRO and ads increased performance and new tech.  The CNC aluminum body is 24% thinner  and 13% lighter than the previous version, but packed with 4 DC 12V outputs, A DSLR Camera shutter release port, RJ45 Ethernet port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a newly added USB Type-C port, and an expansion card slot.  (Body dimensions 100mm x 70mm x 26.5mm or 3.9" x 2.7" x 1")

The ASIAIR Plus uses eMMC storage that is 2.5X faster than the previous version.  Not only can it write and read faster, but is has the ability to autorecover if it can't boot up.

The new enhanced antenna is capable of stronger WiFi connection allowing double the speed with a working range of up to 20 meters.

Note:ASIAIR PRO’s USB power supply is not enough for ASI6200/ASI2600/ASI533//ASI071MC cameras to work normally, so please use an external 12V power supply, which can be connected to the ASIAIR PRO’s power management as well.

The housing has the abiltiy for the unit to mount on an existing vixen style finder shoe on your telescope if it comes equipped with one. If not, that finder shoe is a fairly easy accessory to find.

App Functions.

Accurate focus: After the rough focus is completed, select one star, then accurate focusing can be done through curves such as brightness and HFD. It can also be completed with ZWO EAF by remote control.

Polar Alignment: Based on the powerful plate-solving function, you can finish arc-second polar axis alignment only within few minutes.

Accurate GoTo: With the rich celestial object database, precise GoTo can be achieved after selecting the target.

Stable guiding: Independent and stable guiding can be achieved without the PC.

Preview mode: You can see the image of the target directly under ‘Preview’.

Autorun: Set the target and configure the schedule, ASIAIR will execute the imaging sequence automatically.

Live Stacking: You can see the stacked image (lower noise with calibration frames) of the target directly while capturing.

Supported ASI cameras

All ASI Mini series cameras(ASI120MM Mini, ASI174MM Mini and ASI290MM Mini), ASI120MC-S/MM-S, ASI385MC, ASI224MC, ASI178, ASI174, ASI290

ASI1600, ASI294, ASI183, ASI071, ASI533, ASI2600, ASI6200

(It does not support ASI120MM/MC camera)

Tech Details

Warranty 2 years


Review by:
This thing is a game changer. Everything works so seamlessly. Part of the reason for that is because I have a ZWO main and guide cameras and the ZWO auto focuser. The mount I use is the Ioptron CEM70 and the hand controller wonders what happen (only used to park). There is a learning (as always) but I came from using ATP so things weren't too bad. Love the new firmware for the app, it even shows the camera angle right on the screen. Polar alignment is a breeze, plate solving surprisingly fast, goto nails it every time and meridian flip was a no brainer. Best $299 I've ever spend for this fantastic hobby. (Posted on 4/24/2022)
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