ZWO Counterweight Bar

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This the additional counterweight bar for your ZWO AM5 or AM3 mount when your payload is greater than 28 pounds.
Our Product #: BC230
ZWO Product #: ZWO-BC230

Product Description

So the AM5 can hold quite a bit of weight without any counterweights, but every now and again we can push past that payload number. Once our payload gets to over 28 pounds, we will need a counterweight. First things first, we need a way to attach the counterweights to the mount. So we will need to install this BC230 counterweight shaft from ZWO. Its simply threads into the AM5 head and allows you to attach counterweights with a 20mm diameter hole. This counterweight bar is also designed to work on the AM3 mount.

Tech Details

Weight 1.1 pounds
Warranty 2 years


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