ZWO EFW 5-position Filter Wheel for 2"

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This low profile ZWO filter wheel is just what your monochrome camera ordered.
Our Product #: EFW5
ZWO Product #: ZWO EWF-5x2

Product Description

Inside the CNC body of the ZWO EFW 5 position filter wheel you will find that you can install 2" mounted filters, or 50.4mm unmounted filters, with ease.  ZWO supplies screws and washer to hold the unmounted filters in place.

The aircraft grade aluminum body is light, yet strong.  At only 20mm thick it won't eat up much of the image train and at 17.6 ounces it is quite light.

There is no need for multiple cables to power the EFW, just one USB cable does the trick.The power consumption of this EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be operated from the Cooled CCD’s USB hub.

Tech Details

Weight 14 ounces
Warranty 2 years


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