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The ZWO FF series is a potential fit for your astro-photography needs.
Our Product #: ZWOFF107
ZWO Product #: ZWO ff107-APO
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Product Description

The ZWO FF107 APO is a flat field astrograph that can be used visually as well. Its design negates the need to calculate the back focus distance from the flattener while attaching all your imaging gear. You should be able to connect a reasonable amount of equipment and start imaging. This should help with the frustration of getting everything just right and simply let you enjoy your imaging session. You can use a variety of diagonals for visual observation should you choose to look through your telescope and not just image through your telescope. The telescope is fairly not as compact as its smaller siblings, but still ins't massive. The ZWO FF107 is 25.7" long and weighs in at 15.2 pounds with rings and dovetail. The 107mm aperture scope uses a dual ED quadruplet optical system to help achieve its flat field. It has an f/7 native f ratio, but can be made faster with optional .7x Reducer further reducing the speed as well as the 749mm native focal length to f/4.9 and 524mm. The ZWO FF107 can support a 44mm image circle allowing it to be used with full frame cameras. The 3" rack and pinion focuser has a built in camera rotator and finder shoe for Vixen style finder brackets. The telescope comes with M86, M68, M54m and M48 Camera adapters and the M48 is threaded for filter.

Tech Details

Aperture 107mm
Focal Length 749mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Weight 16 pounds
Warranty 2 years


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