ZWO Off-Axis Guider for Astrophotography


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Don't have room for a guidescope on your rig? Well, the ZWO Off-Axis Guider is here to save the day.
Our Product #: ZWOOAG
ZWO Product #: ZWO OAG
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Product Description

The ZWO Off-Axis guider is your solution to adding a guide system to your imaging rig.  You won't need another guidescope and rings added to the equation.  Just drop this 16.5mm thick guider in your train and away you go.  The machined aluminum body is black anodized to provide a durable long lasting finish.

The ZWO OAG is compitbel with all ZWO ASI cameras.  It comes with adapters for both M42 and M48.  Just remember to calculate the 16.5 mm thickness into your avialable back focus of your imaging train.  The prism is fairly large at 8mm x 8mm giving you a good piece of sky to guide from.

Not really recommended for large (9.25" and up) scts and the ASI120MM Mini.  The chip is just too small to pick up a guide star when used in combination with the 120.

ZWO OAG comes with all adapters you will need for imaging and guiding.

1.       OAG body(with 1.25″ holder and 5mm extender and M42 adapter)

2.       M48 adapter for main imaging camera(in the box)

3.       M48-M42 adapter for telescope and flat lens(in the box)

4.       Hexagon wrench(in the box)

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My guiding substantially improved over using a 130mm FL guide scope. This slid into my image train exactly replacing a 16.5mm spacer. I would suggest adding the ZWO Helical focuser which makes it a breeze to find and keep focus. (Posted on 2/22/2021)
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