Losmandy Glow-in-the-dark vibration damping feet for G11, set of 3

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These glow-in-the-dark tripod feet reduce tripod vibrations, for undisturbed viewing with the Losmandy G11 tripod . . .
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Product Description

Losmandy's set of three 5" diameter tripod feet provide large ground surface contact areas for the legs of your Losmandy HD (G11 mount) adjustable tripod. This keeps the hollow metal legs of the heavy G11 mount and tripod from sinking into the soft ground from the weight of your scope as the night progresses. They also protect the anodizing on the bottom of the legs when the scope is set up on a hard surface.

The feet also help to reduce telescope tripod vibration times for undisturbed high power viewing and imaging. Telescope vibrations can be caused by windy conditions, by ground vibrations (from people walking near the scope or nearby traffic), or by the simple act of touching the scope to focus. They result in reduced image quality, as your high-powered images are blurred as they dance around in the eyepiece until the normal telescope vibrations damp out to zero. While this is less of an issue with the G11 mount, due to its weight with a typical optical tube installed, vibrations can still be a problem in some situations. These Losmandy feet work to minimize any such problems.

The circular Losmandy tripod feet are made of an injection-molded, somewhat flexible, but fairly hard plastic-like material. There is an oval recess cut into the top surface of each foot to snugly accept a G11 tripod leg. The walls of the recess are slanted to match the angle of the leg, so each foot can only fit on its tripod leg in one specific orientation. The pads fit between the bottom of the tripod legs and the ground to isolate the tripod from ground contact and soak up vibrations. The tripod feet work on any hard or reasonably hard surface - grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.

As an added bonus, the tripod feet glow green in the dark, so that passers-by won't trip over the black legs of your tripod in the dark. Simply leave the feet out in the daylight for several hours, or expose them to an indoor light for a similar period, and they will glow for up to 15 hours to warn people to watch where they are walking.

Tech Details

Weight 27 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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