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  1. Celestron 1.25" LRGB Filter Set 95517

    The Celestron LRGB CCD imaging filter set is ideal to let you do tri-color CCD imaging with a Celestron Skyris monochrome camera and a Skyris cilter wheel.
  2. Celestron 18% Transmission green 1.25" Moon filter

    This medium green 1.25" filter reduces irradiation, glare, and excess image brightness in lunar observing . . .
  3. 1.25" UHC Narrowband filter

    This Celestron ultra high contrast (UHC) light pollution filter has improved contrast when compared with the wider passband of a broadband filter, making it easier to pick out faint nebulas . . .
  4. 1.25" Oxygen III Line band filter

    This Celestron Oxygen III light pollution filter has a very narrow passband for very high contrast on emission nebulas, making it a good choice for city and suburban observing . . .
  5. Meade Imaging 1.25" Color Filter LRGB Set

      • Set of Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue Filters

      • Passes More Than 93% Light Transmission for High Performance Astrophotography

      • Durable, Multi-Layer Dichroic Coatings

      • Luminance Filter blocks UV and IR for Best Contrast and Sharpness

    • Filter Threads to Fit Most Standard 1.25” Format Imaging Accessories and Filter Wheels
5 Item(s)
Set Descending Direction