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  1. Sky-Watcher Polar Scope for AZ-EQ5 Mount

    The essential accessory to improve your alignment and imaging sessions.
  2. Astro-Tech Finderscope Mounting Shoe

    This finderscope mounting shoe is designed to work on a variety of Astro-Tech telescopes, as well as other manufacturers.
  3. Celestron CGX and CGX-L Polar Axis Finderscope


    Custom made for CGX and CGX-L Mounts
    Adjustable bracket angle for best accessibility
    6x magnification
    Simple reticle map easily locates the North Celestial Pole without the need to reference an app or location & time
    Scope tilt is adjustable to allow for accurate polar alignment

  4. Astro-Tech 8x50 Finder Scope

    The Astro-Tech 8x50 finderscope is a fantastic value as well as an improvement over many stock finderscopes.
  5. Explore Scientific 8 x 50mm straight-through illuminated crosshair finderscope

    This Explore Scientific 8x50mm illuminated crosshair reticle straight-through finder provides erect and right-reading images. 
  6. Explore Scientific 8 x 50mm right angle illuminated finderscope with polar reticle

    This Explore Scientific 8x50mm illuminated right angle erect/right-reading image finderscope with polar alignment reticle has all the features you want and need in a finderscope.
  7. Tele Vue Starbeam Finder for Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes

    This Starbeam model has a dovetail bar and mounting bracket that fits the rear cell of any 8" or larger SCT . . .
  8. Telrad 4" Riser base for Telrad finder

    This Telrad riser base raises the Telrad finder 4" above the side of your scope's optical tube for more comfortable viewing . . .
  9. Mounting bracket for 7 x 50mm Takahashi finderscope

    This heavy-duty Takahashi finderscope bracket is designed to mount a Takahashi 7 x 50mm finderscope on any Takahashi refractor 4" in aperture and larger . . .
  10. Tele Vue X-Y Mount to attach TV-60 to Schmidt-Cassegrains

    This adjustable mount lets you use the TeleVue TV-60 refractor as a quick-release superfinder on a Celestron or Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope . . .
Showing 21 to 30 of 59 total
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