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  1. Tirion Atlas 2000.0, Desk, 2Nd ed. (black stars/white background)

    A convenient set of 26 individual star charts for planning future observing sessions. The best-selling Tirion Sky Atlas 2000.0 is the standard against which all other amateur astronomy star charts are measured.

    The completely revised and updated Tirion Desk Atlas charts show accurate Epoch 2000.0 star positions for the entire sky. 81,312 single, multiple, and variable stars down to magnitude 8. . . .

  2. The Monthly Sky Guide, By Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion, 8th Edition

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    NEW CLOSEOUT. This Monthly Sky Guide is a newly revised 72-page book of 50 individual star charts that offers a clear and current introduction to the skies of the northern hemisphere for beginners of all ages to help you identify constellations, star clusters, nebulas, galaxies, lunar features, and planets . . .
  3. Pocket Star Atlas (Black stars/white background)

    This compact (6" x 9") set of star charts has a convenient spiral-bound lay-flat design. It's a wonderfully detailed star atlas that's handy to take on trips and use at the telescope or with binoculars . . .

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  4. Dew-Resistant Messier Card

    This 12" x 9" dew-resistant quick-reference sky chart will guide you to all 109 Messier objects, some of the best-known (although not always easiest to find) deep sky objects . . .
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