ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount Head

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The AM5 is an extremely portable mount designed with the astro-photographer in mind.
Our Product #: AM5
ZWO Product #: ZWO-AM5
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Product Description

ZWO has entered into the realm of mounts with a true tiny titan. Can you believe a mount head that only weighs 11 pounds can carry a payload of 28 pounds without the use of any counterweights? If you add some optional counterweights the payload goes all the way up to 44 pounds! Realistically it is easy to carry most astro-photography, up to a 130mm refractor or large Cassegrain, rigs without the need of counterweights.

The harmonic drive of each mount is measured and guaranteed guiding accuracy (0.5 - 0.8 arcseconds) and has very low periodic error. The secret sauce is the harmonic drive speed reducer and synchronous belt.  This combination allows precision and negates the need for counterweights with rigs up to 28 pounds.  The ability to use the mount in either equatorial mode or alt-azimuth mode is just icing on the proverbial cake. There is a status light on the mount head that tells you which mode the mount is in.  Red is for equatorial, while green is for alt-az.  It is truly one of the most versatile mounts available today.

The mount also has a fail safe for a sudden power failure.  It has a brake that engages with a sudden loss of power protecting your scope and preventing it from falling.

What really makes this interesting is the AM5's ability to work in the ZWO family of products.

ASIAir integration? No problem. Control your entire rig from your smart device or tablet.

Don't want to use the ASIAir? No problem. The mount is WiFi compatible so you can use an approved app on your smart device or tablet to control the mount.

Don't want to go WiFi at all? No problem. The mount comes with a wireless controller.

Mount Type Dual Alt-Az/Equatorial
Type of Mount Electronics Computerized - GoTo
Weight Capacity (lb.) 28 lb. no counterweight, 44 lb. w/ optional counterweight
Mount Includes Tripod or Pier? No
Power Requirements 12V - 3A
Power Failure Protection Included? Yes
Includes Manual Slow Motion Controls? No
Mount Slew Speeds 6°/S
Motor Type Harmonic Drive and Synchronous belt (Reduction Ratio: 300:1)
Stepper Motor Resolution 0.17"
Mount Latitude Range (°) 0° - 90°
Azimuth Angle Adjustment Range ±10°
Drivers Available ASCOM
Includes Integrated WiFi? Yes
Included Accessory Ports USB, ST4
Includes GPS? No
Periodic Error Correction? Yes
Periodic Error Duration 432 s
Saddle Type Dual - Vixen or Losmandy
Hand Controller Included Yes
Polar Scope Included? No
Mount Weight (lb.) 11.0231 lb.
Warranty ZWO - 2 Years

Tech Details

Warranty 2 years


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