ZWO ASI071MC Pro Color Astronomy Imaging Camera

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The ZWO ASI071MC Pro is another step forward for ZWO in APS-C style chip cameras. Upgraded for 2019.

Our Product #: ASI071MCP
ZWO Product #: ZWO ASI071MC-P
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Product Description

The ZWO ASI2600MC Pro is a high performance camera for imagers looking for an APS-C style sensor.  The Sony IMX071 will provide you with a more satisfying imaging experience.

ASI071MC Pro uses Sony’s most popular chip, the IMX071.  The front -illuminated APS-C format native 14-bit ADC sensor. It has an ultra-high 14 stops dynamic range.  The 16 megapixel resolution sensor is enclosed in a sealed chamber that is heated.  This heated chamber will prevent dew from forming as the even wears on.  The power draw is roughly 6 W and be be turned off in the software to help with power conservation.

The ASI2600MC Pro is equipped with a 256MB DDR3 cache to ensure stable and secure data transmission. Additionally, the use of a memory buffer minimizes amp-glow, which is caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port.

The Cooling System.

The ASI071MC Pro has a two-stage TEC cooling system that allows deep cooling (35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius below ambient). You will need an external power supply to power the cooler. An AC-DC power adapter is not included in this package, however, you can order one here.

We recommend using a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply (2.1 × 5.5, center positive). Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply. The anti-dew heater will heat the AR protect window to avoid any dew problems. The heat anti-dew heater power is around 3.6W and can be turned off in the software to save power.

This is the one you will need.

ZWO has all their information available for download on their website in a perfectly laid out section. Check it out here for software and drivers and here for manuals and guides.

One of the coolest gadgets, and a neccessity according to a majority of ZWO users, is the ASIair Plus.  It is an all-in-one wireless camera solution.  The ASIair Plus gives you control of focus, image taking, plate solving, and computerized mount control with the included SkySafari bridge all controlled by your smartdevice or tablet.  It really is pretty awesome.

Camera technical details

Sensor Front-Illuminated CMOS
ADC 14 bit
Back Focus  17.5 mm
Color or Mono  Color
Cooled or Uncooled  Cooled
Dynamic Range 14 stops
Full Resolution Frame Rate        10fps
Full Well 46ke
Mega Pixels 16.2 mp
Pixel Array 4944x3284
Pixel Size 4.78 microns
Read Noise 2.3-3.3e
Sensor Diagonal  28.3 mm
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Sony IMX071 CMOS
Guide Port N/A
WIndow AR
Exposure Range 64us - 2000s
Weight 1.5 pounds

Supported resolution
14Bit ADC
4944×3284 10fps
1920×1200 28fps
1280×1080 33fps
640×480 70fps
320×240 134fps

more resolutions are user defined

Tech Details

Normal Num Pixel High 3284
Normal Num Pixel Wide 4944
Pixel Array 16.1 mega pixels
Pixel Size 4.78
Weight 1.5 pounds
Warranty 2 years


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