ZWO ASI220MM Mini Monochrome CMOS Camera and Guide Camera

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Welcome to the next generation of guiders from ZWO.
Our Product #: ASI220MINI
ZWO Product #: ZWO ASI220MINI

Product Description

The ZWO ASI220MM mini will help take the guesswork out of guiding.  The ASI220MM Mini is considered the successor to the ASI290MM Mini.  It actually has a larger sensor format, larger pixel size, and better NIR sensitivity.  And before we get lost in the mindset of being a guider, it is a great introductory planetary imager as well.  Its small size makes it convenient to use in your imaging platform without causing much of a fuss.

Camera Sensor

ASI220MM Mini camera uses the SS2210 (5.6 mm x 3.2 mm).  This camera has 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel size of 4 μm. The ASI220MM mini provides 12bit ADC and its QE peak is 92% at 500nm.

USB 2.0Port & ST4 Port

USB 2.0 Port: Mini camera has one USB 2.0 type C port, which if very popular on mobile phones.

ST4 Port: You can connect the ASI220MM Mini directly to auto guide port of your mount.

Drivers and Softwares:

The ZWO website has the newest camera drivers and many DSO and Planetary capture software choices available.. Please make sure the newest driver and software has been installed before you start imaging:

One of the coolest gadgets, and a neccessity according to a majority of ZWO users, is the ASIAIR PLUS.  It is an all-in-one wireless camera solution.  The ASIair plus gives you control of focus, image taking, plate solving, and computerized mount control with the included SkySafari bridge all controlled by your smartdevice or tablet.  It really is pretty awesome.

Color or Monochrome Camera Monochrome
Cooled or Uncooled Uncooled
Pixel Size in Microns 4
Pixel Array & Resolution 1920 x 1080 (2.1 MP)
Sensor Model SC2210_BW
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Dimensions (mm x mm) 7.68 x 4.32
Sensor Diagonal (mm) 8.81
Peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) 92
Native Bit Depth 12
Max FPS 14
Full Well 8.78ke
Minimum Exposure 32 µs
Maximum Exposure 10 seconds
Shutter Rolling
Includes ST-4 Guide Port? Yes
Native Back Focus (mm) 8.5
Camera Window AR
Computer Interface USB 2.0
Working Temperature -5C ~ 50C
Working Relative Humidity 0-80%
Camera Weight (lb.) 0.3
OS Compatibility WIN7/8/10 32/64-bit, Linux, Mac

Tech Details

Pixel Size 4
Wide Num Pixel High 1080
Wide Num Pixel Wide 1920
Warranty 2 years


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