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The ZWO ASI294MC is a great 4/3 format color camera to get you into imaging without breaking the bank.
Our Product #: ASI294MC
ZWO Product #: ZWO ASI294MC

Product Description

The ZWO ASI294MC is an all around camera at an affordable price.  The IMX294CIK sensor is the first in-house image sensor for astronomic cameras to adopt the 4/3 format and provides the necessary number of pixels for true 4k output at 120 frames per second (w/ ADC 10-bit output mode, the ASI294MC can run up to 25fps at 4k format when used with USB 3.0). In addition, the use of larger-sized pixels achieves SNR1s of 0.14 lx* which is very close to the value of the ASI224 (0.13 lx*).

The ASI294MC also has a 256mb DDR3 memory buffer to help with reliablity of data transfer.  The Pro also offers low read noise, low dark current, and high dynamic range.  The dynamic range is actually better than the KAF8300.

This camera is great for deep space and planetary imaging. 

14bit ADC w/ 13 stops DR

The ASI294 has a 14bit ADC unit, allowing it to achieve 13 stops of dynamic range. This is an excellent characteristic for deep sky imaging, which is inherently high dynamic range. At 13 stops, the ASI294 has even more dynamic range than the ASI1600.

HCG Mode

HCG (high conversion gain) mode, which reduces read noise to even lower levels at higher gain without loss to dynamic range, is automatically enabled when the gain setting is 120 or higher. Read noise will drop under 2e-, while dynamic range will remain at 13 stops.

Full well Capacity

63700e full well, which is 3 times than ASI1600’s capacity. Even bright stars won’t saturate under long exposure. This camera can achieve higher SNR(signal to noise ratio) with just one single exposure.

The ZWO ASI294MC conectivity.

USB 3.0 Port: Provides 5Gb bandwidth to make it possible for ASI294MC to run at 16fps (14bit, normal mode) or 19fps (12bit, high speed mode) at full resolution (11.7Mega).
ST4 Port: Can be used to connect to the auto-guiding port of your mount and become a great guider.

ZWO has all their information available for download on their website in a perfectly laid out section. Check it out here for software and drivers and here for manuals and guides.

One of the coolest gadgets, and a neccessity according to a majority of ZWO users, is the ASIair Plus.  It is an all-in-one wireless camera solution.  The ASIair Plus gives you control of focus, image taking, plate solving, and computerized mount control with the included SkySafari bridge all controlled by your smartdevice or tablet.  It really is pretty awesome.

Camera technical details

Sensor 4/3" CMOS
ADC 14 bit
Back Focus  6.5 mm
Color or Mono  Color
Cooled or Uncooled  Uncooled
Dynamic Range 13.1 stops
Full Resolution Frame Rate        16fps
Full Well 63.7ke
Mega Pixels 11.7 mp
Peak QE 75%
Pixel Array 4144 x 2822
Pixel Size 4.63 microns
Read Noise 7.5e
Sensor Diagonal  21.6 mm
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Sony IMX294CIK 
Guide Port ST4
WIndow AR
Exposure Range 32us - 2000s
Weight 15 ounces

Max FPS at full resolution:
12Bit ADC
4144×2822 19fps
14bit ADC
4144×2822 16fps
More resolutions can be user defined

Tech Details

Normal Num Pixel High 2822
Normal Num Pixel Wide 4144
Pixel Array 11.7 mega pixels
Pixel Size 4.63
Weight 15 ounces
Warranty 2 years


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