iOptron AZ Mount Pro go-to computerized mount with Tri-Pier


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The iOptron AZ Mount Pro altazimuth mount has a new "level and go" go-to system that makes aligning on the sky intuitive, fast, and easy.
Our Product #: AZPROTP
iOptron Product #: 8900-TP
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Product Description

Not everyone needs an equatorial mount, but they want a computerized goto mount.  It has been difficult to find an alt-az mount, that is fully computerized goto, and be able to hold a good bit of weight as well.  Well, iOptron AZ Pro is the mount you have been searching for.  With its simple "level and go" set-up makes aligning on the skies virtually automatic. Using its built-in precision level indicator, simply level the mount and turn on the power. The AZ Mount Pro's computerized alt-azimuth system takes it from there. 
You won't have to pull up any information on your computer or smart device concenring your location.  Using its onboard 32-channel GPS receiver and built-in position and angular detection sensors, the AZ Mount Pro calculates where and when it is on Earth, as well as the telescope orientation. The iOptron mount then automatically slews your scope to an easily identifiable bright object in the night sky. Simply confirm that the bright object truly is in the center of the field and your iOptron AZ Mount Pro is ready to go to and track over 212,000 celestial objects.
The iOptron AZ Mount Pro has a 33 lb. payload capacity. By adding an optional #8953 Vixen-style dovetail saddle to the opposite side of the mount, you can simultaneously mount a second telescope or DSLR camera/lens combo weighing up to 10 lbs. onto the AZ Mount Pro. 

Included in this package:

AZ Mount Head (#8920)
10 lbs counterweight (#3006-10)
Star knobs with center post (#8340-PIER)

The iOptron AZ Mount Pro features . . . 
  • An on-board rechargeable lithium ion battery (with charger) for up to 10 hours of use
  • A 33 lb primary payload and 10 lb secondary payload capacity, in  a mount weighing only 13 lbs (without counterweight or tripod)
  • Whisper quiet low-power consumption stepper motors
  • Go2Nova® 8407 hand controller featuring 212,000 object library with an 8 line illuminated LCD screen
  • Zero backlash driver system
  • Built-in WIFI adapter for full ASCOM, iOptron Commander, and Sky Safari wireless control
  • Serial port for computer control and firmware upgrades
  • Retractable counterweight shaft
  • Position memorization if the power is interrupted
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 3-Point easy level adjustment on tripod
  • 6" dual dovetail saddle (accepts both Losmandy and Vixen dovetails)
  • Only 10" tall (mount head only)
  • Built-in 32-channel GPS receiver
  • Automatic position and angular detection sensors
  • Aluminum Hard Case
  • One 10 lb counterweight 
  • Tri-Pier
  • Two year limited warranty (90 days for battery)

Tech Details

Weight 40 lbs.
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
I have both the Mini Tower Pro and the latest iOptron AZ Pro on the Tri-pier. This functions as advertised with a huge database unlike others and lists about every conceivable object amateurs can expect to see, even more. Leveling the mount is critical but very easy with the superb leveling system. The Tri-pier is a rock-solid base that includes it's own vibration damping feet and the legs and feet store neatly into the base of the Tri-pier. Easy to leave whole, mine is transported in a case apx. 8" x 8" x 48" mount and Tri-pier all in one bag fully assembled. The calibration the mount goes through initially with the built-in GPS gives precision alignments everytime. I don't need to go beyond the 1 star alignment for any of my viewing or EAA views and captures. The mount tracks all night long using a simple Talent Cell power supply (if needed should the internal battery shut down on an all night viewing session. I have been rated #1 in astrophotography in the USA in YouPic, a popular photography site where images I've taken of DSOs had gained so much popularity. Obviously while the mount is intended primarily for visual use and tracking, it is also a formitable mount for short exposure imaging. Using EAA I have imaged objects as faint as 19th magnitude in EDs and APOs ranging from 60mm to 130mm. I can mount my C11 and an 80mm ED on this mount without difficulty. The mount is both fast and silent with zero backlash. I have the two cases sold with the scope but rather like keeping everything assembled and ready to use out of the bag in 5 minutes. It is a supplement for my larger EQs but again for short exposure EAA and live views my number one mount! And iOptron tech support is the best in the world. For imaging and most of my live views I use the many Astronomics Astro-Tech ED/APO scopes that are second to none and work perfectly with this mount. Collimating the second scope to the first is very fast and generally once the secondary Allen collimation screws are set on the second dovetail, any scope inserted will be very close to collimated with the AZ on both sides are aligned, very simple to do on a star one time. I would not be without my AZ Pro as a compliment to a larger EQ on any of my field trips that are intended to be overnight viewing/imaging sessions. It's that good! (Posted on 9/28/2023)
Review by:
Ordered the iOptron AZ Mount Pro & Tri-Pier from Astronomics and delivered as promised with no shipping damage. Mount works perfectly and is rock steady with the Tri-Pier. I'm able to keep Jupiter centered in the eyepiece for over one hour! Terrific astro company, great product selection and trust worthy. (Posted on 8/13/2019)
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