Sky-Watcher 10" Quattro 250P Imaging Newtonian


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If you are looking for a large fast optical system to enhance your astro-photography then the Quattro series from Sky-Watcher should fit the bill.
Our Product #: S11220
Sky-Watcher Product #: S11220
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Product Description

The Sky-Watcher 10" f/4 Quattro Imaging Newtonian has . . .
254mm aperture/1000mm focal length f/4 Newtonian reflector optics
Fully multi-coated borosilicate mirrors
2” 10:1 ratio dual-speed focuser
8x50 finderscope
Tube rings with V-style dovetail bar

The Sky-Watcher 10" Quattro Imaging Newtonian with dual-speed focuser is optimized for wide-field deep space imaging, but can also be used for pleasing visual observing. It incorporates a superbly-figured multi-coated borosilicate optical glass mirror-set. Additionally, the tube length has been slightly shortened to optimize performance for wide-field prime-focus photography. Even better field edge performance for deep space astrophotography, and visual use, can be achieved by adding the Sky-Watcher Quattro coma corrector.

This Sky-Watcher 10" Quattro imaging Newtonian is ultra-fast and incredibly simple to use. The f/4 optical system allows the user to capture wide field images of faint deep space objects such as nebulae, open clusters, and galaxies over six times faster than using an f/10 system. This gives you the ability to acquire more images in less time. The Newtonian optical design is one of the most basic, and therefore trouble free, systems available to astrophotographers.

Tech Details

Aperture 10"
Focal Length 1000mm
Focal Ratio f/4
Heaviest Single Component 33 pounds
Weight 33 pounds
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Supplied Eyepiece None
Telescope Type Reflector
View Finder 8x50
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
Forgot to star rate this at 4 stars. Only reason not 5 stars is because collimation is the trickiest part! But if you are fine with collimation, then this would be a 5 star review for you. (Posted on 10/23/2019)
Review by:
Hi All,

While I don't have this specific sky-watcher version, I do have the Orion version. These imaging newts, if collimated properly, perform superbly well! I love them, however, in wind they can act like a sail, and need a beefy mount. But, if you can manage all that, literally, the sky is the limit.

I also use mine for asteroid and comet observing, they work great for that!

Clear Skies,

AstroEd (Posted on 10/23/2019)
Review by:
These large newtonians get a bad reputation for imaging for no good reason. I used this scope for imaging for 6 years and the only problem I ever really had was the weight of the scope. The manufacturer specs for weight don't include the weight of the reinforced focuser which weighs in at just over 6 lbs., pushing the limit of what most mid-level mounts can handle. It gave me very high contrast images with my unmodified Canon T3i DSLR. And at F/4 the exposure times were short enough that the weight of the scope wasn't a problem for my Celestron CGEM mount as long as the wind was fairly calm. I learned a lot using this scope and got some great photos. It wasn't easy to travel with due to it's size, but it held collimation pretty well even during transport. For the price at this aperture it made an excellent imaging scope and a superb visual instrument as well. (Posted on 10/24/2018)
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