Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi GoTo Altazimuth Mount


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  • Portable Motorized Computerized Altazimuth Mount

  • Built-In WiFi Module for Remote Control

  • Free Android & iOS SynScan Pro WiFi App

  • 11-pound Payload Capacity

  • Vixen-Style Dovetail Saddle

  • Adjustable-Height Aluminum Tripod

Our Product #: S21110
Sky-Watcher Product #: S211110
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Product Description

Looking for a portable Altazimuth mount for your small refractor?  The Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi should check just about every box on your wishlist.


Reasonable payload...check


Runs off your smart device...check

And so on and so forth.  This is a loaded lightweight mount.

The free SynScan Pro app for Android and iOS devices turns this mount into a serious observation machine with 42,900 objects in its database.  The AZ-GTi also has periodic error correction, backlash compensation, tours, and a DSLR camera control.  I can not state enough just how fuil featured this mount is.  The built-in wifi connection allows you to connect without needing an additonal router or internet connection.  With a payload capacity of 11 pounds most small to medium sized instruments should be right at home. Built in clutch knobs on both axis allow for easy movement by hand. With certain mounts when you move the scope by hand you will lose your computer alignment.  Not with this one.  The dual encoders will keep exact axis aligment when you unlock the mount and move the scope manually. Once you are locked in and tracking the DC servo motors run quietly and have minimum vibration. The mount runs on eight user-supplied AA batteries.

So, you want to know what exactly the SynScan App does? One this it doesn't do is cost money.  It is free at the app store.  The app will control the mount wirelessly allowing you to align, move, control from your device.  The GPS unit will automatically update your location, day, date, time making it even easier to line up your mount.  Once you get it all aligned the SynScan has a fantastic tour abilty taking you around the night sky to the best objects that are available.  It has three tracking rates (solar, lunar, and sidereal) as well as 10 slewing speeds.

And in closing, we can talk about the 5.3 pound tripod and pier extension.  The tripod is an adjustable height tripod with aluminum legs.  Its maximum height is 43.3" and the extension pier will give you a few more inches making night time viewing a tad more comfortable while keeping vibration at a minimum.  The tripod legs will spread to 42.3 inches and are held in place with a spreader tray that is designed to hold personal effects or accessories while you are out observing.  The feet of the AZ-GTi are spiked to increase stability when you are on different types of terrain or soft ground.

Tech Details

Weight Mount: 2.9 lb Tripod: 4.2 lb Pier extension: 1.1 lb
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
I'm glad I bought this light, easy to use mount because it does the same job for me as a heavier equatorial mount did. The tripod held my 80mm refractor steady despite a 12-knot wind. The SynScan Pro App's easy 'Point and Track' function allows you to track a planet or the Moon by pointing the telescope at the object and clicking "Point and Track." Also, you can move the telescope using the app. without touching the mount. The mount flawlessly tracked Venus and the Moon for an hour each. Well done, Sky-Watcher! (Posted on 6/10/2023)
Review by:
Bought this in a package with the SkyWatcher 127 Mak-Cass. On the plus side I generally like the iPhone app for controlling it and I haven't had any problems connecting to the mount with the phone. The mount and tripod combo are very portable, easy to set up and tear down. The tripod is decently stable, particularly for its light weight. The batteries last decently long and the mount isn't too noisy when slewing quickly. I really like the manual clutches for slewing by hand - too many inexpensive go-to mounts lack this feature.

On the negative side, the screw holding the mount to the pier was constantly working loose after 10 minutes of use and I would lose tracking. The good news is that a lock washer solved that problem nicely. I've also had problems getting it aligned, with 2 star alignment being very hit-or-miss. Still, I'm new to the go-to mounts and it might get better with more experience on my part. (Posted on 10/18/2019)
Review by:
So far I'm impressed by this little mount. Used it with the Astronomer's Without Borders Collapsible 5" Newtonian. It made a very nice compact, grab and go setup. Used it over the weekend at the lake with family and worked flawlessly. Alignment has been quick and painless and the mobile app seems to work quite well. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
I bought just the mount head as I already had a tripod to use it on. Worked very well after a little back and forth on the website to download the firmware updates. Handles my AT60mm with ease and also does a pretty good job with my TV 85. If you buy the optional EQ wedge you have the choice of running it in right or left mount alt/az mode or EQ mode. Works well with sky safari 6 on my Ipad as a controller. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Review by:
I bought this after consultation with Sky-Watcher support to see if it would handle a Celestron 6SE SCT OTA. They gave a qualified yes but said certainly no larger. So I went ahead and ordered and it's perfectly fine with the scope. No strain that I can detect and very little or no vibration when focusing. Oddly though, when I mounted an Orion 120ST refractor, which weighs the same as the 6SE, suddenly vibration became a huge problem: a full 2 seconds to damp after touching the tube to focus. I'm guessing that's because the weight is concentrated further away from the pivot point of the mount. Or maybe because the legs were fully extended for the refractor and only half for the SCT. I'll have to play with it some more.

The CN reviews are pretty accurate. It points and tracks well. The "push to" encoders work exactly as advertised, though this is a very light mount and you have to be careful not to jog the feet if you're slewing by hand.

Some caveats:

1. If you don't buy a hand controller, you use your phone or tablet. On android, the slew direction arrows are just above the android home and back spots. Very easy to hit them by mistake and exit the app. Not a big problem, just something to get used to. On the other hand, it interfaces pretty well with Skysafari, so you can use that instead (some issues with older iphones though).

2. Initial wifi setup didn't work with dns/port in the instructions. It took some research and trial and error to get it right. And the paper instructions are not good. You have to either go online or use the app help just to find out what the controls do.

3. Because of Celestron SE fixed dovetail placement, scope is upside down with standard firmware (eyepiece below focus knob and finder under the tube). To rectify that, Skywatcher offers (unsupported!) "backwards" firmware that lets you mount SE right side up. It mostly works well (as well as adding an equatorial option) but direction arrows seemed backwards during alignment. Once you're aligned, they worked fine though. Might be me though, I'm still learning the mount. This wasn't an issue with the original original firmware.

All the above is just inconvenience. What is a pain though is:

4. There are no guide pins to prevent the mount from rotating when attaching to the tripod. It's purely a friction fit. Very touchy trying to get it tight enough without feeling like your about to break something. I'm tempted to put a pin in myself but nervous about drilling into the base for fear I might hit a gear or something. It's the only real negative I have about the mount, but unfortunately it's a big negative. Very wobbly unless you get the torque right. Maybe with a tube less wide and heavy as mine it wouldn't be so critical, but though I'm pretty close to the limit load, I haven't exceeded it.

Overall, very happy with this light weight, capable mount. Hope they come up with something scaled for an 8" SCT, then they'll have really hit the market sweet spot and be serious competition for the big two.
(Posted on 1/13/2019)
Review by:
I bought the AZ GTI to use with my Celestron Omni 102AZ as my Grab N Go. It was a nice upgrade from the AZ mount that I have and gave me GOTO capabilities. The mount easily handles the scopes 8lb weight. The SynScan Pro App is super easy to use with the mount. The mount tracks well and offers a few options for alignment. Down the road, I also like the ability of adding the Star Adventure mount to use the mount in EQ mode. Great Value and Solid Mount! So far its a great tool. (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Review by:
Great go-to and push-to that easily interfaces with an IPhone through SynScan. Just the mount for my ST80 that gives me grab-n-go capability. Out the door and up and running. (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Review by:
I bought my Skywatcher AZ-GTi as "mount-head-only" so I can't comment on the tripod, but I simply love this little mount. I get good battery life from 8 NiMH batteries and I find the Synscan Pro phone app to be a delight. I like the way the phone "Pro" app allows aligning on the Sun! It makes it so easy to observe Venus and Jupiter during the day. Just put your solar filter on, do one star alignment on the Sun, and then slew to Venus or Jupiter, remove the solar filter and enjoy the planets in the daytime. The app also does an intelligent job of avoiding/handling backlash.
I also love that this little mount has a firmware download that enables equatorial mode with tracking. Just remember if you upgrade to this new firmware that you'll need to mount your scope on the right-hand side for Alt-Az mode instead of left-hand side as before. You can look on Cloudy Nights for an easy method to add a counterweight bar for equatorial mode.
I'd observe the weight limits in the Tech Details and this little mount should impress you. (Posted on 1/3/2019)
Review by:
I bought this for my grab and go GOTO. It is best with my 80mm refractor, but I can run my TV NP101 with it. GOTO is smooth and accurate. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
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