ZWO PE200 Pier Extension for the AM5 Mount

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Looking for a little more height for your ZWO AM5 mount? You have come to right page on the internet.
Our Product #: PE200
ZWO Product #: PE200
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Product Description

The ZWO AM5 mount has a ton going for it. Light weight, great payload, and fantastic performer. The only issue that has been raised by end users is the height of the mount and carbon fiber tripod combination. While not a deal breaker by any stretch, it just isn't the most convenient height. So, ZWO has brought out a roughly 8" pier extension. (200mm to be exact). That extra height, without adding a ton of weight, is a welcome addition to most users. The PE200 is made using the latest CNC machining techniques and is constructed out of high quality aircraft grade aluminum, making it extremely accurate, light, and durable. It only weighs 3.5 pounds, but can support up to 110 pounds keeping with the theme of light but sturdy. Installation is a breeze and should take a user no time at all. We think it is a worthy addition to the ZWO line and an essential addition to your AM5 mount.

Tech Details

Weight 3.5 pounds
Warranty 2 years


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