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  1. LP-1 Broadband for 2" eyepieces

    This 48mm filter for 2" eyepieces has a moderately wide 560 Ångstrom passband for use in slight to moderately light polluted areas. 
  2. Antares 2" #ND9 13% Transmission neutral density grey Moon filter

    This Antares 2" 13% transmission neutral gray filter reduces the brightness and glare that can mask low contrast details during lunar and planetary observing . . .
  3. Meade Imaging 2" Color Filter LRGB Set

      • Set of Luminance, Red, Green, and Blue Filters

      • Passes More Than 93% Light Transmission for High Performance Astrophotography

      • Durable, Multi-Layer Dichroic Coatings

      • Luminance Filter blocks UV and IR for Best Contrast and Sharpness

    • Filter Threads to Fit Most Standard 2” Format Imaging Accessories and Filter Wheels
  4. Optolong H-Alpha 7nm 2" filter

    The H-Alpha 7nm from Optolong works fantastically as a photographic filter, but also works for viewing faint emission nebula.
  5. LP-4 H-Beta Line band filter for 2" eyepieces

    Very steep cut-off slopes and a narrow passband make this 2" Thousand Oaks H-Beta filter ideal for viewing certain very faint emission nebulas like the California, Cocoon, and Horsehead.
  6. Lunt 2" polarizing filter

    The 2" Lunt PF-1 polarizing filter is designed for use with 2" eyepieces in the Lunt LS2HW Solar Wedge to control the image brightness during white light visual observing.
  7. Optolong L-eXtreme 2" Light Pollution Dual Passband Imaging Filter 7nm Ha/OIII


    Take back the night sky by using the Optolong L-eXtreme 2" Dual Passband filter when imaging. Take your backyard imaging to places you never thought possible.

  8. Optolong LRGB + SHO 2" Imaging Mounted 7 Filter Set

    This is the complete set of imaging filters to take your session to a higher level.
  9. LP-2 Narrowband for 2" eyepieces

    This 48mm narrowband filter has a 280 Ångstrom passband for visually observing emission nebulas from heavily light-polluted areas using medium and long focal length 2" eyepieces. The filter has excellent transmission at the visually important emission lines of hydrogen-beta at 4861Å and doubly ionized oxygen at 4959Å and 5007Å. 
  10. 48mm UHC narrowband filter for 2" eyepieces

    This 2" Celestron ultra high contrast (UHC) light pollution filter blocks out most unwanted light pollution, making it easier to pick out faint nebulas from suburban and dark sky observing sites alike . . .
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